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Yuna is definitely an amazing singer-songwriter an

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Yuna is definitely an amazing singer-songwriter and her talents have also taken her in to the world of fashion as she co-owns an online clothing store.

Yuna's music is just beautiful. It’s the clean delicate sound of acoustic rhythms. She learnt to play your guitar in the age of 19 and now writes great music that has thousands of people gasping for more. An estimate taken from her website "Music is among the most effective forces of unification. It has the power to heal, the ability to help, the ability to inspire, and also the capacity to change"

Yuna's Clothes Store

Apart from her music, her visual style will have an extremely positive impact on anyone. Her image is that of modest feminine chic. She's Muslim and always covers her hair. She does it such iconic ways using the most breathtaking fabrics wrapping it up such wonderful shapes.

The great news is that she has chose to share her understanding of modest fashion with her online female clothing store IAMJETFUEL. Once you enter this site you will be exposed to instant bright colours. An array of dresses, tops and bottoms using different types of light materials can be found.

Music Career

Yuna is moving from strength to strength so far as her musical progression is worried. She’s signed to the Fader Record Label and released an electronic EP together in 2011 called Decorate. In 2012 she released her single Live Your Life which has catapulted her success even more. She’s doing very well Stateside and has an increasing fanbase including the kind of Russell Simmons who commented that her music is 'incredible'.

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    Her latest complete album is called Yuna. The front cover image is of Yuna wearing a dark polo neck having a her hair covered with a more sophisticated blue and pink scarf. It’s a striking album cover and is a perfect illustration of Yuna's consistent capability to put clothes together which are flattering without being revealing.

    Female Role Model

    Yuna's presence in the music world will hopefully open up avenues for other young female artists to follow. You don't need to sell sex to market records. Female Muslim artists can seem to be proud to wear their hijab while performing within the mainstream. She embraces her femininity simultaneously keeps towards the tenants of her faith by not feeling the need of flaunting her assets. Her music is positive and inspiring out of the box her persona.


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