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There’s nothing worse than the usual blank sheet o

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There’s nothing worse than the usual blank sheet of paper for that reluctant writer. These fun activities can make children happy to write.

Many students are reluctant to put pencil to paper. They lack basic spelling or fine motor skills and have no confidence within the abilities they do possess. Activities, like journal or story writing, involving an empty piece of paper are overwhelming.

Try the next exercises that involve small amounts of writing with clues and cues available that will make the job manageable for that reluctant writer. Begin with a task that enhances the child's natural interests, whether it’s drawing or math.

    Make a Comic Book or Picture Book – Make a simple small book (six or eight mini pages). When the child is creative, allow him to make a comic book of his choosing. Otherwise, offer ideas in the form of verbal cues or actually illustrate page one. Stipulate that there should be some writing on each page. Children enjoy making speech bubbles.Make a Mind Map – Children sex mind maps that center around their interests. It may be favorite foods or items they consider "awesome". Have them put a colorful "awesome" in the middle of a big sheet of paper (or poster board). Children can draw of put magazine photos round the word. Again, state that some writing must accompany each image.Interactive Journal – Write a journal entry to the kid in a level they are able to read (or help with reading). Discuss events of their life and get a minumum of one question they have to answer within their journal entry. An example journal entry can be found by reading Interactive Journals: Writing Ideas for the Classroom.Easy Crossword Puzzles – This exercise helps with reading and writing. Make crossword puzzles on a custom puzzle-making program like Puzzlemaker. Use topics that interest the child, such as hockey or animals. Doing puzzles about colors or numbers improve necessary common words. Creators input what and also the clues, so customizing puzzles is easy.Simple Questionnaires or Fill in the Blank – Write a simple journal entry to the reluctant reader. Inquire that need to be answered. What do you like about school?, or What is your favorite food? are great examples. This avoids a blank page without any ideas of the items to create, since children just answer questions. Because the child develops, questions of opinion could be posed.Math Problems – Children who love math and hate writing could be enticed into writing through situational problems. Asking questions like How many legs do three cows and 2 chickens have? are fun for mathematically inclined children. Stipulate that they must show almost all their work, including a final sentence. Cause them to become make use of the spelling within the question once they write the solution.

Use Technology to obtain Child Writing

Ideally, educators could possibly get children writing having a pencil. However, for very reluctant kids, children with special needs or like a bonus activity, technology is a great tool for writing. Educators can use email, social media or word processing programs to encourage spelling and writing. Possess the children use a word processing program to create a birthday invitation (real or fictitious) or write a letter to a Grandparent. Children can also add images once they can completed the text.

Ease children into writing. Take small steps and provide praise and encouragement with every effort and attempt. Teachers and tutors are most successful with reluctant writers once they make the writing relevant and build on the child's natural skills.