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This entertaining documentary revisits this year’s

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This entertaining documentary revisits the 2011 final concert performance of LCD Soundsystem with the eyes of frontman James Murphy.

Scheduled for one-night only screenings around the Usa on Wednesday July 18, 2012, Shut Up and Take part in the Hits takes an unvarnished take a look at singer/songwriter James Murphy as he prepares for, performs at, and recovers from LCD Soundsystem’s final show at Madison Square Garden. This four-hour concert on April 2, 2011, which instantly sold out and was attended by thousands of fans, marked the state end of LCD Soundsystem during the height of its popularity. DVD and digital platform releases will quickly follow.

LCD Soundsystem’s Final Concert

“If It’s a Funeral, Let’s Possess the Best Funeral Ever” had become the motto for that concluding concert as the band ready for the Madison Square Garden event. Following the release of three LPs, Murphy decided to refer to it as quits. “There was life before and after LCD Soundsystem,” the reluctant rock star claims. Murphy says within the film he didn’t start out with the intention of forming a band, he meant to merely make a record.

His casual attitude toward fame also allowed the filmmakers access to Murphy doing the mundane chores of everyman: awakening, shaving, dressing, and taking his dog out for any walk. This is not a glamorous rock star; this is a humble, introspective man who loves making music, although he admits the touring has taken its toll on him. He highlights a gray patch in the beard because the consequence of an active touring schedule. He needs time for you to relax, look for a wife, and also have children. Murphy started this guitar rock band in the 30s and now in the early 40s, he admits that he’s ready for any new adventure.

A Loyal Group of followers

It’s apparent from the crowd’s response and the reluctant band members that perhaps not everyone will follow his decision to retire LCD Soundsystem. As the group may not have obtained the fame or notoriety related to longer-running bands, judging by the film, its loyal fan base is as dedicated and enthusiastic every band could ever desire.

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    During an on-screen interview with Chuck Klosterman dads and moms preceding the last concert, Murphy admits he might eventually appreciate everyday the end of the band because the biggest failure in his life. For now, however, his controlled exit from the rock and roll lifestyle achieved what he set out to accomplish: “I needed to leave a mark…a stain” on the music world. And he did.

    Shut Up and Take part in the Hits

    This doc examines James Murphy’s decision to retire his band LCD Soundsystem in the height of its popularity.Starring James Murphy, Chuck Klosterman, Gunnar Bjerk, Al Doyle, Pat Mahoney, Tyler Pope, Gavin Russom, Josh Stern, Matt Thornley, Nancy Whang, Keith WoodDirectors: Will Lovelace, Dylan SouthernGenre: Music DocumentaryAdditional Information: This film opens nationwide for just one night only, Wednesday, July 18. Click here for a summary of theaters, including Enzian Theater in Maitland, Florida, where this film was pre-screened.3/5 Good

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