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discussion concerning the man who’s third

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“We’ve thought long and hard relating to this,” says managing editor David Dinsmore. “The Sun is a responsible paper and delay pills work closely using the royal family, and that we take heed of the wishes.”

The Sun is also a creative paper, determining to reeanct certainly one of Harry’s now burned-into-the-brain poses-the naked girl hugging a crown jewels-cupping Harry from behind-with stand-ins for today’s edition.

“We’re also big fans of Prince Harry,” he continued. “He does a lot of work for this country and the military but for the image of both those institutions. We’re not against him letting his hair down occasionally. For us, this can be about the freedom of the press. This can be concerning the ludicrous situation the place where a picture is visible by vast sums of men and women around the world on the Internet, but can not be noticed in the nation’s favorite paper, read by 8 million people every day.

What is going to Harry’s dad, Prince Charles, need to say?

“This is about our readers involved in the discussion concerning the man who’s third in line for the throne. It’s as easy as that.”

Along with its crafty “Heir It’s!” headline, the Sun subtitles the feature, “Pic of naked Harry you’ve already seen on the net.”

It isn’t getting a lot more head-on, er, straight-forward than that.

Naked celebs around the covers of magazines are certainly nothing new