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David Baldacci’s book

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David Baldacci’s book, The Innocent, goes into the lifetime of a Government Assassin who follows his gut and fails to kill an innocent woman.

In David Baldacci's book, The Innocent, Will Robie is really a government assassin and has been following orders for twelve years until now. When he is inspired to kill a mother of two small children, his gut tells him there’s something inherently wrong with this particular hit.

At the most crucial moment, Robie hesitates to consider a go. This proves deadly for the woman who works in Washington D.C. for she and her son are generally gunned down during sleep. Robie finds an infant on the floor and fearing his mistake, creeps out of the apartment building, leaves the baby on a neighbor’s doorstep, and runs for his life.

Robie boards a bus to New York City. Once he takes his seat, he sees a young 14-year old girl who also boarded the bus and she or he is being followed by a killer.

Julie Getty

Julie listened in horror as her parents were gunned down in her house. She’s lived in foster care after her parents, both drug addicts, couldn’t look after her. But one night she sneaks off to her parent’s home and now her parents are both dead. She boards a bus headed to Ny and is unaware that they is being followed. A stranger gets her safely off the bus and never a minute too early because after they leave the bus, it explodes.

On the Run

Both Will Robie and Julie are on the run. They soon discover that his being hunted and Julie’s parents being murdered are somehow connected.

Robie feels responsible for Julie and offers to find her parent’s killer. He takes her under his wing and tries to keep her safe. However the FBI who help him out, betray him and Julie. They don’t have anyone to really trust until he teams up with FBI agent Nicole Vance.

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    Robie, Julie and Nicole all interact to trap a killer or killers who leave causalities in their wake.

    While on the run, Robie also manages to begin a relationship having a White House staffer. As they get closer, the killer gets closer. Is he going to catch the killer before he and Julie are killed?

    The Book

    This book is full of violence and a trail of bodies. There is action and many players in this gripping novel. There’s a couple of story lines and they all get together in a violent but creative way. Robie is a likeable person despite his occupation. Julie is really a courageous character but mainly stays in the background. There’s romance amidst the chaos. The ending is a shocker. It is really an action pact book worth every waking moment.

    David Baldacci

    David Baldacci has written 23 novels. He turns out two or three books annually.

    David Baldacci has also written Stone Cold, The entire Truth, and Simple Genius.

    He has authored The Mighty Johns, a short story that was a part of a mysterious anthology published in 2002.


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