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Slimming down is often as simple as adding several

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Slimming down can be as simple as adding several activities a day over and above your normal schedule. Those activities can be fun and want little effort.

We are burning calories constantly, even if we are sleeping. Our basal metabolic rate increases when we participate in activities. Just by moving and having fun we are able to burn 100 calories easily. On the one week period these extra calories burnt, can also add up and lead to weight loss without having to spend amount of time in a fitness center or exercising at home. With the addition of two or three extra activities each day we are able to easily get to the 3500 calorie expenditure a week necessary to lose half a kilogram each week. This article lists activities and time requirements to burn 100 calories for a 130 pound or 59 kilogram person. If you’re over this weight then you’ll burn a lot more than 100 calories within the given time period.

Working around the House

Painting interior or exterior walls for Half an hour.Doing the laundry, including unloading the dryer and folding clothes for 40 minutes.Dusting the home for 35 minutes.Hand washing the car for 30 minutes.Sweeping the floors for 30 minutesPreparing and cooking meals for 40 minutes.Buttoning a shirt for 15 minutes.Clean the windows for 25 minutes.Prune and trim the shrubs for 20 minutes.Mop the floors for 25 minutes.Give the dog a shower for 25 minutes.Rake the lawn and bag up the leaves for 25 minutes.Vacuum carpeting for 25 minutes.Weed the garden for 20 minutes.Ironing clothes for 40 minutes.Wax and polish the vehicle for 20 minutes.Pay off the driveway of snow for 15 minutes

Having Fun

· Leisurely mowing the lawn for 25 minutes· Play catch with the kids or fetch with the dog for 35 minutes.· Jog neighborhood for 10 minutes.· Jump rope for 10 minutes.· Go horseback riding for 25 minutes.· Fly a kite for 30 minutes.· Go swimming for 15 minutes.· Roller-skate for 15 minutes.· Sing for 50 minutes.· Play the guitar or piano for 35 minutes.· Search for 40 minutes.· Give someone a massage for 25 minutes.· Dance for 20 minutes.· Play Tennis for 15 minutes.· Walk briskly for 25 minutes.· Shoot hoops for 25 minutes.· Go for a drive to have an hour and a half.· Rest for 2 hours.· Go bowling for 20 minutes.· Play a board game for an hour.· Read your favorite book for an hour.· Play ping pong for 25 minutes.· Ice skate for 25 minutes.· Do yoga for 25 minutes.· Surf the web to have an hour.· Fidget whilst you view television for 40 minutes.· Eat chili twice a week.· Play squash for 8 minutes.· Stand up every hour for 10 minutes.

Try to include a couple of of the above activities inside your daily schedule and you will be well on your way to losing weight and feeling great. Those activities listed ought to be added extras to your normal daily activities and not used as substitutes. Most importantly, have fun and let your body take care of the rest.


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Disclaimer: The data found in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be utilized for diagnosis in order to guide treatment with no opinion of the health professional. Any reader who is worried about their health should speak to a doctor for advice.