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This article demonstrates how take-away coffee cup

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This short article helps guide you take-away coffee cup advertising could be utilised as a powerful and highly effective tool to promote your business.

Coffee cup advertising describes any advertisement which is placed on a coffee cup and distributed out of a café, food outlet, or company. Initially popularised around australia, the idea of coffee cup advertising is increasingly gaining popularity in the usa, India and the Middle East.

Take-away coffee cup advertising is really a impressive way of businesses to use to be able to reach their target market. Consumers are exposed to your brand on a take-away coffee cup for an average of thirty seven minutes. More than eighty percent of coffee cups consumed within the CBD are done so whilst sitting in an internet accessible computer, and therefore targeted consumers are able to immediately source more information on the product being advertised.

Take-away coffee cup advertising is a powerful marketing tool which successfully places your brand, logo or company into the hands of the customers. Compared to other mediums of advertising, coffee cup marketing stays within sight of the customer for longer. As take-away coffee cups are consumed on the go: whether it be the office, trains, buses, waiting in line somewhere, shopping, library, etc, this means that your brand will achieve maximum exposure.

How Does Coffee Cup Marketing Actually Work?

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    Coffee cup marketing functions by promoting a particular company’s products and or services in publications on takeaway coffee cups, that are distributed throughout selected cafes along with other food and beverage outlets within the community. To utilise this advertising medium, businesses are able to promote their products as well as services directly to the consumer at a one on one level when they drink their cup of coffee. Moreover, coffee cup advertising enables a company to possess 100% share of voice for his or her brand.

    Benefits of takeaway coffee cup advertising include:

    Mobility: Acts as a moving billboard promoting your brand or product to some high amount of consumersExposure: It has been estimated that between three and five people view each promotional coffee cup, meaning maximum exposure for your businessPlacement: Being placed directly into the hands of yoru customers, coffee cup advertising is a sure-fire method of getting your business’s product or service noticedFrequency: With respect to the duration of the coffee cup marketing campaign, your brand is offered and being marketed every day throughout the campaign.

    Cost Effective Solution

    Coffee cup advertising is really a cost effective solution for café owners and the businesses wanting to market many directly to consumers. Takeaway coffee cups pose as a major cost to cafes, with café owners typically paying between $0.10 and $0.30 per cup. Sponsored (branded) coffee cups can help to save an active café a potential $15, 000 each year. For businesses wanting to get their brand available and reaching their customers directly, coffee cup advertising is a guaranteed way to reach numerous consumers to have an extended period of time.

    In Australia, millions of people consume coffee every single day, with most drinking their coffee each morning whilst commuting to work or any other activities. Using the prospect of having your brand viewed at least 50 000 times to have an average duration of over 30 minutes, it is no wonder why a lot of successful companies have caught on to this ingenious advertising medium.