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Athar Abbas is an artist who uses natural material

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Athar Abbas is definitely an artist who uses natural materials to create pictures. Not only does he create the pictures, but he also makes their own distinctive frames.

The materials Mr. Abbas uses are just stones, wood and dried herbs. The backgrounds of his work are painted with oils, but paint isn’t his preferred medium. He might use olive stones to decorate smaller items, for example lighter covers, and then they are varnished so they will last. He makes use of twigs along with other items that he picks up as he walks around, and dried herbs are his grass, which gives the images a particular smell too. You are feeling as though you want to touch the paintings, and you can with impunity, so not only do you discover their whereabouts however, you can touch and smell them as well.

Pictures of Places

These are my own favourites from his recent private exhibition locked in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. They’re mainly of remote valley houses in districts of Pakistan where I, like a foreigner, cannot visit because of safety measures. However, I ought to just like to determine the valleys from which Mr. Abbas has taken his inspiration.

He has also created a picture from his imagination which is similar to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, which is featured below.

The “Added Dimensions”

Because there are wood carvings in the pictures they are of two dimensions, with a couple of the minarets in the Taj Mahal picture being of 3d; if you were a miniscule person you could walk around them. The carved buildings, boats and animals which estimate these pictures provide them with an original look and each piece is hand-carved and unique.

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    While other artists such as Jack Angelo and Vassiliki Tambouri use perspective in their art to provide their paintings depth, Athar Abbas uses the carvings to give his pictures perspective and depth.

    Art in Pakistan

    In Pakistan artists struggle to pay the bills on the whole and also have other jobs which they need to survive. Most Pakistanis are disinterested in art, his or her priority is feeding their families. The decorative components of their homes are Arabic writing from the Quran or maybe some works of art which have been picked up in souvenir shops abroad. Obviously there’s a thriving arts scene, but this is in isolated pockets, with artists holding exhibitions in the elite districts of Lahore and Karachi.

    The work from the artist is completely dissimilar to those of other Pakistani artists, and Mr. Abbas explains this by saying that he loves staying close to nature. His dream would be to have a small house in high altitude where he can grow vegetables for his own use to ensure that he doesn’t have to worry about the general find it difficult to survive that is area of the daily lives of a lot of Pakistanis who’re living in poverty.