Glass House ranked 87th among broadcast Television

CBS has stopped throwing stones at ABC’s Glass House.

The network dropped its lawsuit Friday against ABC that claimed the Walt Disney Company subsidiary’s reality show was a scam of CBS’s concept for Big Brother.

“The viewers have spoken and delivered the ultimate kind of justice against The Glass House,” a rep for CBS told E! News in a statement. “As a result, we filed in federal court this morning a voluntary dismissal without prejudice of our claims against ABC.”

Judge denies CBS’ request to seal down Glass House

And exactly what was the “justice” CBS was referring to?

Last week, Glass House ranked 87th among broadcast Television shows by number of viewers, according to the Chicago Tribune.

CBS originally filed its copyright-infringement lawsuit against ABC in May and demanded $500,000 in damages for each and every separate act of misappropriation (for each and every with the 19 people utilized by the show who once labored on Big Brother), as well as a restraining order along with a permanent injunction to stop the show from going forward with production.

-Additional reporting by Baker Machado Take a look at our picks to find the best realityTV sendoffs


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