The previous Bullingdon Club member continues to l

The former Bullingdon Club member continues to look bemused why the significant man is really a “tad miffed”.

It should be a difficult image to live down. Each time the government requires restraint, or pretends to possess some empathy with the poorer classes, out come those old photographs. You realize the ones, David Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson et al, all dressed up in tail coats as members of the infamous Bullingdon Club of university hellraisers.

Privilege itself is not the issue here. It is a fact of life that some people are born into better circumstances than the others. The problems often arise when those in the silver spoon end of the scale have the symptoms of no idea about what matters to people whose choice of table implement is often a wooden chip fork. And when the silver spooners are running the country, the problems get amplified.

Upstairs, downstairs

This apparent lack of edcuation about how exactly the other half lives isn’t a new phenomenon among the upper classes. Return to 1960 and the trial of Penguin Books and you'll see what i’m saying. Mervyn Griffith-Jones, leading the prosecution from the publication of "Lady Chatterley's Lover", asked the jury if the book was "something you would like your servants to read?" That remark was as funny then as it is now and not surprisingly the situation for that prosecution bombed.

Judging the mood of the moment across a vastly diverse human population is very difficult task. Getting the balance right depends on a team of researchers and advisors, but simply who is advising who nowadays?

Both George Osborne and David Cameron started their political careers as researchers and advisors to some of the foremost heavyweights in the Conservative ranks. Norman Lamont, Michael Howard and Douglas Hogg all had the benefit of their "advice" and William Hague being allowed the luxury of sitting back as Osborne penned his speeches. Whether this sitting back cost him the overall Election of 2001 is probably not something Mr Hague dwells on for very long.

Bollinger or Budweiser?

What advice these were in a position to offer is available to speculation however i would ever guess Michael Howard asking the fresh faced Cameron by what the children during the day may be getting out of bed to. I’m also able to imagine the response;

"Probably dressing for lunch, enjoying a gourmet 10 courses with fine wines, getting a bit squiify, smashing the place up and then getting a lawyer chum of Papa's to obtain all of them 'orf'."

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    OK, so that's a little tongue in cheek, but balance it with another imaginary scenario whilst factoring in the recent budget increases.

    'Working man' drives his white van towards the building site, stopping off at the garage to fill with fuel (duty increase with effect August 2012). Whilst there he buys 20 cigarettes (37p increase) and a copy of The Sun.

    Come lunchtime he visits a nearby Greggs bakery and buys a pastie. As it's a little chilly on the building site he asks the assistant to pop it in the microwave (20 percent VAT surcharge now due). Homeward bound the now slightly poorer 'working man' stops to slake his thirst with a quick pint (duty increased by two percent above inflation).

    A cynic might say that ordinary Joe has to suffer to ensure that those earning £150,000 could possibly get their 5 percent tax break. A cynic might also say that surely probably the most blinkered political advisor should have seen a liitle bit of flak coming from the working man? Oh well, a minimum of he can still have a holiday, or can he?

    Caravan of love

    The latest row to follow "Pastiegate" and also the "Granny Tax" is the chancellor's decision to slap 20 per cent VAT around the cost of buying a static caravan. These 'luxuries' often present really the only opportunity for the working man to possess a vacation home but from October 2012 a new one will definitely cost normally an additional £6,000.

    The proven fact that holidaying in the united kingdom means that the tourist pound stays in the united states and boosts local economies hasn't as yet managed to sway government opinion but that is hardly surprising. Chaps who went to Eton and Oxford are unlikely to possess a static home in Pevensey Bay. Their choice of holiday house is more prone to be located in a nation that also plays host to their undeclared and untaxed income.

    Tourist spots obviously won't be the only areas to suffer. Nearly all static caravans are made in West Yorkshire and according to one manufacturer's association the result from the VAT charge could see 2,000 jobs disappear and the industry struggle. The effect so far as the federal government is concerned could therefore be considered a reduction in both corporation and tax revenue along with a further swelling from the dole queue.

    As a balanced exercise perhaps Mr Osborne would consider a tax on nannies and au pairs. Being confident of it would provide the impression that everybody needs to suffer a little for their luxuries.

    Read about it

    Keen eyed readers will have noticed that previously within the piece, 'working man's' copy of The Sun escaped the chancellor's latest stick-up. Don't breathe too easily however as Gerge's next fundraiser may be to place a tax around the red tops. He could even make it as confusing to manage because the pastie tax by linking the amount because of the number of bare breasts appearing in each edition.

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