Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has released her

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has released her party’s second condition for supporting the Liberal budget

Ontario's New Democratic Party (NDP) have released their second condition for supporting the Minority Liberal government's March 29 budget. The very first released on Monday would've seen a tax hike of 2% on those making over $500 thousand was rejected through the Liberals.

Public Sector Executive Pay Capped, Increased Whistle-blower Protection

The second demand handles Executive Pay in the Public Sector. The NDP would like to visit a pay cap for newly hired Public Sector Executives. The cap could be at a lot more than $418 thousand/ year, or twice exactly what the Premier makes. It had been a concept featured in her own party's election platform.

Horwath believes it’ll shift the focus back to front-line healthcare. "Helping patients waiting longer within the er is really a priority… not the CEO having a seven-figure salary," she's quoted as saying inside a Toronto Sun article. Horwath thinks it can help the province create a $100 million fund to secure local hospitals. Several hospital projects were cancelled in the recent budget so that they can help the Province save money.

The NDP suggest money raised from their proposed tax increase on those making over $500 thousand could secure as much as 4,000 daycare spaces, or help go ahead and take Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) off warming oil.

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    Horwath mused she would also like to see more protection for whistle-blowers who reveal government waste and mismanagement. She wants to see protection extended to all government workers and entities receiving a lot more than $1 million/ year. It's considered an answer towards the Ornge Air Ambulance Scandal, involving public funds being used to finance a for-profit company.

    McGuinty says "no" to "one-offs

    In a Globe &Mail article, Horwath insists her party's demands are reasonable. "We don't have a massive laundry list that's not reasonable." Later in the same article Premier Dalton McGuinty doesn't view it this way, saying he wouldn't consider each demand singularly. "I'm not prepared to consider one-offs."

    Horwath hasn't decided to his request, countering within the same article that she's a woman. "I know you don't give it up all at one time." The NDP will reveal its next demand early in a few days. The Liberals need the support with a minimum of one opposition party to stay in government. The NDP still hasn't said whether it will support the budget.


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