Helpful tips for testing the waters of boat owners

Helpful tips for testing the waters of boat ownership for those a new comer to everything nautical.

Do it’s easy to end up daydreaming of that fantastic feeling that may only arise in the sensation of the wind whipping on your face while you firmly grip a steady hand around the wheel? Does the idea of spending every weekend around the water build your worries float away? Then you may be thinking boat ownership.

Whether you feel at ease with off-shore navigation or else you couldn’t tell a spinnaker from the rudder; a boat show is an excellent place to test the waters if you’re not sure which kind of boat you want to purchase or can pay for. Boat shows offer an opportunity for customers to survey a number of vessels without having to traipse from boat dealer to boat dealer trying to find that perfect purchase.

Selecting Your Dream Boat

Boat shows attract many different categories of water enthusiasts. From sport fishermen to day sailors to kayakers; vessels of all types are available for purchase. Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge into purchasing quite yet, boat shows are a great place to obtain the lay from the land.

Depending around the size the venue, you might see vessels as large as yachts, party barges, or 50+ foot sailboats. If sailing small suits your look, you’ll find day sailors, for example catamarans, and lateen-rigged dinghies, like the classic Sunfish, to suit a number of budgets. Recent statistics indicate that paddle sports represent the fastest-growing area of boating today. Canoes and kayaks made of various materials can be found.

For water sports enthusiasts, there are jet skis and boats for waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. A vessel that may suit the boater who can’t decide which type of boat to purchase may be the Hobie Mirage. This affordable hybrid from Hobie, known for its catamarans, converts from a paddle-powered kayak to some more efficient foot-powered pedal boat with an optional sail, allowing owners to power with the water in three variations.

The Prices are Right

So, the number of clams is boat ownership going to set you back? That all depends on how big the boat you’re seeking and also the size your budget. While you could easily purchase a smaller vessel for some thousand dollars; a large, live-aboard vessel could easily cost around a typical single-family home. Prices vary in line with the size of your deposit, financing loan length, berth, galley and head size, and overall boat dimensions.

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    As a general guideline, for each $10,000 of boat cost, you should count on $100 inside a payment per month. Purchasing in a boat show could also help you save some clams than others you shell out within the showroom. Potential buyers do not need to beware whenever they can reap savings benefits as much as $20,000. With discounts like that, you’ll have plenty of money to splurge on accessories for the new boat.

    All Things Nautical

    Boat shows attract vendors of other nutritional foods nautical. From functional safety equipment to waterfront property, boat shoes, slip rental, and a variety of marine-themed merchants may choose to exhibit their wares in a local, regional, or national boat show. Boat shows may also be a one-stop shop for all your boating needs. Insurance agents specializing in boating insurance, harbor facility representatives, and boating safety organizations like the Usa Power Squadrons or even the Coast Guard Auxiliary Units are available to make connections with new boat owners.

    While everyone dreads a pushy salesperson, boat shows aren’t about pressure to purchase. Most sales representatives are available to answer questions, but provide you with space, as well. Even if the only green you can develop is boat envy, a boat show is an excellent method to slowly go into the realm of boating fun that awaits you on the water.


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