Create a photo keychain or perhaps a luggage tag f

Create a photo key chain or perhaps a luggage tag from duct tape … useful gifts dad will appreciate this Father’s Day.

Transform duct tape and a few other supplies right into a Father’s Day photo key chain or a luggage tag that will keep dad organized while reminding him how much you care throughout the year. Both projects use many similar items if you possess a sibling, among you can make the key chain while your brother or sister makes the luggage tag.

You can find duct tape in all types of colors and patterns. It doesn’t cost a lot, but odds are you’ll obtain a much more tape than you’ll requirement for either of these projects to help you think about other crafts and arts projects that you can do with duct tape which go beyond Father’s Day gifts.

Craft Supplies

For the key ring: A wallet size picture of you (or else you and your family)For that luggage tag: A 4” x 3” sheet of paper with your dad’s name and address printed on it (use a computer and cut small sheet of paper from that which you print)Duct tapeScissorsA snack-size or sandwich size plastic food storage bag that “zips” shut; if you have access to a bit of sturdier plastic (like from a report cover), then use thisClear tapeA paper punchA key ring

Kids’ Craft: Make a Photo Keychain

    Place the photo in the plastic bag and seal the bag, pushing all of the air from the bag.Fold the bag against the back from the picture. Make use of the clear tape to keep the plastic bag firmly against the photo.Cut four bits of duct tape and place them around the front from the picture, just like a frame, so a small amount of the tape overlaps the edges of the protected photo.Fold the surplus tape within the back from the photo. Whenever you fold the tape therefore it sticks to itself, you are able to cut off that portion with the scissors. Make certain while you fold the tape that it is smooth.Cut a strip of tape 4” long and fold it in half so it is 2” long. Cut the shape into a triangle (you may want to draw lines first with a pen and ruler). Cut off the very tip of the triangle. Punch a hole near the top of this piece.Cut a strip of duct tape in half and tape the triangle up from the photo.Slide the important thing ring with the hole. You are done.

Make a Luggage Tag for Dad

    Follow exactly the same directions for that photo key ring, only instead of while using picture you’ll use the small sheet of paper together with your dad’s name and address. Since he’ll need one for every bit of luggage, make sure that you find out if he usually has a single suitcase or maybe he carries more bags with equipment for work.Avoid using fancy lettering (even if it seems more fun) or too-small letters to print the name and address. When the luggage gets lost, you would like manchester international to obviously browse the information. Remember to leave a border around the information whenever you trim the paper because you don’t want the duct tape to hide the information.

Dad will receive a lot of use from his personalized key ring or luggage tag and you’ll get some extra duct tape to possess fun with. If you borrowed the roll of tape from someone, be sure to return it once you result in the project.


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