A fun Earth Day or every day craft

An enjoyable Earth Day or every day craft, you can wear these sandals or use them as decorations at a beach themed birthday party. An excellent project for groups.

Although newspaper might seem too flimsy a fabric to create a pair of sandals, this special rolling and wrapping technique can make footwear which will support everything but a day you need it. Try this as a craft mothering sunday party or sleepover and have a contest to determine who are able to decorate the fundamental sandals in the most fascinating way. It will require approximately 1 hour to create this paper craft.

Use gift wrap paper rather than newspaper to help you decorate a celebration with one of these cute and bright sandals. You could even attach small items to individual sandals and provide them as great looking party favors.

Craft Materials

For each pair of sandals you’ll need

20 sheets of newspaper (broadsheets; you might need more if you are using tabloid-size newspaper) – the number of sheets really depends on the size of your foot. If the sandal is perfect for decoration you may make them smaller.Clear tapeWhite glue (not washable)1” wide paint brushPencilScissorsConstruction paper

How to Make this Recycled Kids’ Craft

    Open each sheet of newspaper so it isn’t doubled.Take each bit of newspaper and fold it into strips approximately a thumb-length wide. Tape the strips, so they remain folded.Wind one strip into a tight, narrow oval shape.Starting after the prior strip, tape the next strip in place. Wind this strip round the oval.Continue winding and taping strips of newspaper until the oval is almost so long as your foot. Use a page with the comics or perhaps a colored advertisement because the final sheet to give some color towards the shoe.Wind a strip of paper round the width of the oval. Cut t the excess paper so the strip doesn’t overlap itself. Tape the strip in place. This helps all strength to the sandal.Continue winding strips around the oval until it’s as long as your foot. Keep the strips as tight as you can so the sandals will remain strong.Create a second sandal.On a sheet of construction paper, trace the finished sole. Eliminate the shapes. Paint glue outrageous from the sandal after which glue the development paper up of every sandal.Turn the sandal over therefore the construction paper is against the work area. Take one end of the strip of folded newspaper and push it between two folds within the sole of the sandal. Bring the strip around the top (construction paper side) from the sandal and down again towards the other part of the sole. Tuck the end in between on several levels within the sole. Check that you’ve enough space to slide your foot beneath the strap that holds your foot to the sandal. Add plenty of tape therefore the strap will stay in place.Spread white glue over the sandals with the paintbrush. If glue goes between your folds then that will add strength to the shoe. The glue is going around the sides and bottom from the sandal as long as on the inside and outside of the strap.Make certain that the glue dries thoroughly before you placed on the sandals. Don’t wear on wet surfaces!

I learned this craft project years ago like a camp counselor. If you make the shoes from gift wrap paper, then you can begin using these for decoration (the gift wrap paper, in most cases, won’t be sturdy enough to support any weight). Make flowers from paper or ribbon or try gluing on rhinestones, sequins, fuzzy yarn, stickers, feathers, pompoms, or any other embellishment you’d like. Show off your footwear – the ultimate paper craft!


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