The relationship between the circumference and the

The relationship between the circumference and also the diameter of the circle is ubiquitous. Now it even features its own date.

When Archimedes discovered that the circumference associated with a circle is all about three and one-seventh times the diameter by inscribing and circumscribing polygons of growing numbers of sides, he started a mathematical odyssey that continues today. Designated by the Greek letter π, this quantity turns up such disparate natural systems as the double helix of DNA and the ratio between your distance along a river to its straight line length.

Pi Day

We are going to celebrate the date that mathematicians most associate with π (why Archimedes chose this specific letter is a mystery). The day before the Ides of March is known as Pi Day, because the date, 3/14, can be taken like a representation from the numerical value of pi: 3.14 towards the nearest hundredth. And of course the most vociferous cheers will go up at 1:59, which would carry us to five decimal places. Purists will want to refine their celebration by adding 26 seconds, and we’ll leave the extrapolation there. The regularity of occurrence within the first 1 million digits of π implies that six occurs least often and five the most. You will find 811 more fives than sixes.

The Feynman Point

tn position 763, there are six nines consecutively. This is also the very first time that as much as four of the identical number occur consecutively. Interestingly, the next sequence of six identical numbers is also of 9s. The Feynman point is named following the famous physicist, Richard Feynman, who quipped that he want to memorize the first 763 amounts of pi so he could say 999999 and so forth. Feynman probably never actually did this, but others have done it.

Pie-man Sires Pi-man

Looking at π just a little differently, the key date ever could be 3/14/1593. It's likely the date passed without notoriety, but let's take a look at what happened on that date anyway.

More on this topic

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    Jean de La Tour was a baker from a long type of bakers. He certainly didn't intend to be, and in all likelihood didn't know that he was, accountable for the shortening of the family title by a single letter. Georges de La Tour, son of Jean, was a painter of some repute; he was created on the real Pi Day, March 14, 1593, and the transition from pie to pi had occurred. The young La Tour not just eschewed baking for working with oil and canvas, he never even painted a cherry cobbler.

    Other π days

    Perhaps appropriately, Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day, 1879. There isn’t any record of anyone ever recognizing the value of this date in relation to Einstein's mathematical prowess throughout his lifetime.

    Finally, many people believe π offers the solutions to the questions of the universe. But that's just pi in the sky.


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