Fold and interlock strips of paper cut from magazi

Fold and interlock strips of paper cut from magazines and catalogs to produce Earth Day bracelets that you could wear every day of the season.

Wear this bracelet and all sorts of your pals will need one on their own. Have some fun; rather than giving them a bracelet, question them if they’d as if you to show them the trick of connecting strips of paper right into a sturdy wristband. Once you understand the folding pattern and get accustomed to linking the bits of paper together this is an simple and easy , addictive project.

Although you should use any thin paper with this kids’ craft, using old magazines and catalogs helps you to recycle something which could have been tossed.

Kids’ Craft Materials

You will need magazines and catalogs. You can also use origami paper or foil wrappers from chewing gum; let the creativity flow.RulerPencilScissors or perhaps a paper cutterBone folder or a wood craft stick

Earth Day Jewelry

    Measure and cut approximately 20 strips of paper 2” x 4 ½”.Fold one strip in half lengthwise. Crease the folder with a bone folder, the craft stick, as well as your fingernail.Open the strip. Fold the 2 long edges into the center crease. Fold this strip in half again (across the first fold).Fold and crease the strip in two.Open that fold. Fold the 2 ends in to the center fold. Fold in two.Repeat the folding directions on all of the strips of paper.Important! Consider the folded strip. Observe that at one edge is a solid fold and the opposite edge has two folded edges. The folded edges will explain in which you will link a folded strip.Rule for joining the strips: Always insert a folded strip with the solid fold into the fringe of another strip made with one fold. This is actually the tricky part. When you get your first three strips linked together you’ll find the remaining project goes quickly.Begin by interlocking two strips at right angles to one another. Pull tight.Continue linking strips until you have a chain that would fit over you. You know you’re linking the pieces in the wrong direction for those who have difficulty sliding one strip in to the next. You will use a level number of strips.At among the ends, unfold the ends and insert them as if they were a strip that you were adding. Slip the ends into the center of the last strip from the bracelet.

Keep your folds neat and sharp. As you fold lots of strips it’s easy to get sloppy. Sharp fold can make your finished bracelet look much neater. Once you learn to create this bracelet, have fun showing your friends how to create this paper bracelet for Earth Day and every day.


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