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Fold and interlock strips of paper cut from magazi

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Fold and interlock strips of paper cut from magazines and catalogs to produce Earth Day bracelets that you could wear every day of the season.

Wear this bracelet and all sorts of your pals will need one on their own. Have some fun; rather than giving them a bracelet, question them if they’d as if you to show them the trick of connecting strips of paper right into a sturdy wristband. Once you understand the folding pattern and get accustomed to linking the bits of paper together this is an simple and easy , addictive project.

Although you should use any thin paper with this kids’ craft, using old magazines and catalogs helps you to recycle something which could have been tossed.

Kids’ Craft Materials

You will need magazines and catalogs. You can also use origami paper or foil wrappers from chewing gum; let the creativity flow.RulerPencilScissors or perhaps a paper cutterBone folder or a wood craft stick

Earth Day Jewelry

    Measure and cut approximately 20 strips of paper 2” x 4 ½”.Fold one strip in half lengthwise. Crease the folder with a bone folder, the craft stick, as well as your fingernail.Open the strip. Fold the 2 long edges into the center crease. Fold this strip in half again (across the first fold).Fold and crease the strip in two.Open that fold. Fold the 2 ends in to the center fold. Fold in two.Repeat the folding directions on all of the strips of paper.Important! Consider the folded strip. Observe that at one edge is a solid fold and the opposite edge has two folded edges. The folded edges will explain in which you will link a folded strip.Rule for joining the strips: Always insert a folded strip with the solid fold into the fringe of another strip made with one fold. This is actually the tricky part. When you get your first three strips linked together you’ll find the remaining project goes quickly.Begin by interlocking two strips at right angles to one another. Pull tight.Continue linking strips until you have a chain that would fit over you. You know you’re linking the pieces in the wrong direction for those who have difficulty sliding one strip in to the next. You will use a level number of strips.At among the ends, unfold the ends and insert them as if they were a strip that you were adding. Slip the ends into the center of the last strip from the bracelet.

Keep your folds neat and sharp. As you fold lots of strips it’s easy to get sloppy. Sharp fold can make your finished bracelet look much neater. Once you learn to create this bracelet, have fun showing your friends how to create this paper bracelet for Earth Day and every day.

It’s not always easy for older job seekers to find

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It’s not always easy for older job seekers to find work. Do not get in the way of your own success. Try these tips to enhance your chances of landing employment.

In my Suite 101 article, “5 Tips Job Seekers 50 plus Can Use to create the task Search Easier,” I suggest that older people looking for work do a number of things to help themselves look for a job, including staying up-to-date on the latest trends and technology and accepting the truth that few are enlightened about the benefits of hiring older workers.

While the initial recommendations still hold true, listed here are three additional ideas to help older people looking for work find work.

Exude Confidence by Being Prepared

Yes, you’ve heard these tips a gazillion times. But perhaps you have followed through? Do you know your work history well enough to provide clear and succinct responses to interview questions? Are you able to paint a vivid picture of your background using numbers to quantify your work experience?

The reason this is important is that prepared individuals are confident people. Consider the fact that public speaking is the number 1 fear for many people. Now give an impromptu speech or perhaps a presentation that you haven’t practiced enough, and chances are your nervousness will increase. That’s what goes on in job interviews.

Show You’re Uniquely Qualified, Not Overqualified

It’s been used repeatedly, in politics and business. I’m referring to the expression: uniquely qualified. I recently read it on the blog about being an entrepreneur. Also it just seemed to make sense to me that it would be helpful in this instance too.

One of the biggest problems that recruiters and hiring managers seem to encounter when conducting interviews with older candidates is a concern that they’re “overqualified.” For them, being overqualified means too many years of experience and, therefore, too costly.

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    To lessen the likelihood you’ll be looked at overqualified:

    Limit your resume to the last ten years of experience only;Suggest during the meeting that there’s always something new to learn (you may also desire to be prepared ahead of time with a specific goal); andFocus in your valuable skills and experience, not the number of years it took you to develop them.

    Now it’s time to place that confidence you gained by preparing in advance to get affordable use.

    Be Internet and Social networking Savvy

    Sure, you’ve heard about Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all sorts of things Internet, but are a participant? You don’t have to be a regular user. However, to have no online presence in today’s employment market can virtually make you non-existent.

    According to some 2012 CareerBuilder survey, over 2,000 hiring managers were asked why they use social networking sites to conduct research. Sixty-five percent desired to find out if candidates promote themselves professionally, 51 percent made it happen to see if they can fit the company culture, and 45 percent desired to learn more about each candidate’s qualifications.

    Additionally, the web offers you opportunities to interact with potential new employers and re-establish friendships with former colleagues. As well as the quantity of research you can do on companies where you may want to work.

    So, prior to running off and away to your next interview, thinking that you’re too old to get the job, be proactive. Take time to prepare, concentrate on how you can contribute, and establish an online presence. You’ll be in a much better position to land the task.

Has Kia really brought an affordable hybrid sedan

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Has Kia really brought an affordable hybrid sedan with first class tech to America? A professional road test reviewer takes this year’s Kia Optima Hybrid on the road test.

Has Kia really brought an inexpensive hybrid sedan with first class tech to America using its 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid?

Yes! This automotive journalist, green expert and professional road test reviewer says the 2011 Kia Optima has potential to be perhaps America’s most perfect hybrid sedan.

Why? The 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid has everything: an affordable price, great gas mileage, good looks inside and out, fast gas-electric performance, top safety marks and the industry’s best infotainment technology platform (thanks to Microsoft and Nuance/Dragon).

But is much-talked-about hybrid well worth the cost? Again: Yes!

Remember, we are referring to Kia here and words like: stunning, stylish, comfort, luxury and gratifaction. Plus, we’re referring to value for the money with regards to low base price for the luxury features and higher-than-average fuel efficiency even for a hybrid.

Sure, this year’s Kia Optima Hybrid has truly stiff competition from Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid. After my try out, I would even pit this sexy sports car against luxury hybrids such as Lexus HS 250h and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, which cost 1000s of dollars more.


· A high cost of $31,500 for any fully-loaded hybrid luxury/near luxury sedan.

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    · Exterior is a brilliant fusion of Euro sedans from Mercedes-Benz and BMW, giving Optima a sexy, sporty and sophisticated design.

    · Interior is roomy, comfortable and it has lots of standard luxury features and details such as saddle stitching on the leather seats.

    · Gas-electric engine is mainly fast and real-world mileage tests (40 mpg hwy!) confirm EPA estimates.

    · First-ever Kia in the future designed with UVO infotainment, the most effective hands-free in-car system to date for digital music, navigation, traffic and weather.

    · 2011 Optima (not hybrid specific) achieved the hard-to-get “Top Safety Pick” award.


    · As Kia’s first-ever hybrid, the 2011 Optima Hybrid isn’t as tested as most of another above competitors.

    · Well suited for people who want luxury at a bargain price, but may not satisfy true status seekers.

    · Kia needs to upgrade interior dash and central console materials by steering away from cheap-looking plastics and using a far more upscale wood or metal finishes.

    · Cargo space was surprisingly small.

    Ready to hear more about the Kia Optima Hybrid’s exterior, interior, performance, trim levels and pricing? Read on here.

    2011 Kia Optima Hybrid: Exterior

    Like many people, it’s hard to believe the 2011 Kia Optima looks so damned good. This sophisticated, yet highly modern exterior is among the reasons the Kia Optima Hybrid is more distinctive than a number of its competition for example Ford Fusion Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid and Nissan Altima Hybrid.

    Yes, this year’s Kia Optima Hybrid is both sexy and sporty. So, how can it be a Kia?

    Kia design engineers worked hard to make the 2011 Optima look distinctive. They did an excellent job making you question: “Is this a new Mercedes or BMW?”(Of course, both luxury car brands don’t make a production-level hybrid not to mention a cheap one.)

    Plus, the Optima Hybrid model has a few more improvements, including its front grille, 16-inch alloy wheels, head lamps, fog lamps, tail lamps, heated outside mirrors, front and back lower bumpers and Hybrid side sills. An environmentally friendly hybrid badge also sits near the Optima badge.

    What makes Kia not the same as similar sedans from luxury car brands may be the face. The open-mouthed matte black and shiny chrome grille around the 2011 Kia Optima series is certainly stunning and brings sporty performance in your thoughts.

    The remaining “face” pleases as well with its wide and sturdy stance, low front fender with fog lamps (in premium version only), sculpted hood, wide front fenders. The side view is equally as pleasant and racy using its sleek windows, sculpted side lines and chrome accents. If designed with the panoramic sun roof (only includes “technology package” option), the all-glass roof around the 2011 Optima makes this ride look much more modern from the outside. The behind is all BMW with its cat-eye tail lamps, big trunk lid booty and beefy lower bumper and, of course, lots of chrome accents.

    On a current road test of the 2011 Kia Optima SX Turbo, I dubbed the overall exterior design: sporty elegance.

    One exterior design to say in the 2011 Kia Optima is the wheels. Using a flat five-spoke design, these wheels appear to appeal more to car enthusiasts rather people who usually buy new cars from classic luxury brands.

    At first, I didn’t like the design, but then it grew on me more and more. Why don’t you have performance wheels on my small eco-friendly family sedan? As a travel editor and automotive journalist, I’d be more than proud they are driving this sexy sedan into any five-star resort’s valet.

    So, the exterior from the 2011 Kia Optima is hot, but how about the interior? And how about performance, safety, trim levels and pricing?

    2011 Kia Optima Hybrid: Interior

    Inside, the 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid (particularly if equipped with the not compulsory “technology package”) looks and feels just like a mid-sized sedan from a luxury car maker. The interior is really roomy (even for this middle-aged road test reviewer’s too-big thighs), supremely confident with lots of luxury features and has an overall excellent Euro-inspired design.

    Yes, within this year’s Kia Optima does seem like a BMW sedan rip off. And that’s the best thing.

    I believe Optima interior engineers must have explored the way in which Bimmers have a flat and tilted-towards-the-driver dash and central console. Deceptively simple, this minimalist dash design is highly ergonomic and merely makes sense, especially when coupled with the hands-free UVO infotainment option.

    Unfortunately, Kia didn’t add enough texture and bling to its 2011 Optima interior design. That one design flaw may unfortunately sway otherwise luxury buyers to avoid wasting cash on Kia’s near luxury brand. Still, the interior is plush and definitely upscale even if the dash can use a heavier hand on metal or wood accents.

    In the Driver’s Cockpit

    The driver’s cockpit from the 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid is cozy and that i do mean luxurious. I was impressed using the very comfortable saddle-stitched leather seats, that are roomy enough even for us big Americans.

    The controls with nicely-placed controls could also make use of a little more luxury, but it seamless comfort in the possession of and even better with manual tilt and telescoping column.

    I seemed to be impressed using the all-digital instrument panel. I have driven countless vehicles which eco-minded digital instrument-and-information center is top notch. The straight dash is pleasant enough, especially as it widens to the simple, yet super sophisticated central console.

    Between the steering wheel and the looking-right-at-you infotainment screen, the driver controls her world with her fingers and her voice (or his, obviously). Although I’m not often a fan of a lot of central console buttons, I had been surprised this technique was easily accessed through the driver without leaning forward at all.

    Below the console is a nice storing and charging station for mobile devices. Two cup holders and a large leather arm rest and clever storage space completes the driver’s cockpit.

    The front passenger seat can also be very comfortable and it has enough leg room for very tall adults. The second row seating is fairly plush too with in-door bottle and mobile device holders, leather magazine holders, saddle-stitched leather seats and a pull-down leather arm rest with two cup holders.

    Cargo space wasn’t as big or as deep not surprisingly although large enough for weekly trips to the supermarket and weekend car journeys.

    Ready to listen to about Kia’s UVO infotainment technology? Get more information at part two to understand more about UVO, hybrid performance, Optima’s safety record and a trim level summary.

A newly opened rural teahouse in Kippen Stirling i

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A newly opened rural teahouse in Kippen Stirling is in a position for supper or afternoon tea following a Wednesday afternoon visit to Gargunnock House.

Gargunnock House and Scotland's Gardens

Since 1931 the Scotland's Gardens scheme has listed gardens participating in growing and giving. Badged in 2012 as "Open for Charity Open for Discovery" yellow signs appear generally at weekends for gardeners interested in charitable garden crawling.

Gargunnock House near Stirling FK8 3AZ, in Scotland, is an exception.It's open regularly from mid April to mid June, though only on Wednesday afternoons. Estate Head Gardener, William Campbell, also Secretary from the Scottish Rhododendron Society, opens the gates of Gargunnock House gardens towards the public so they can enjoy a feast of azaleas, rhododendrons and tulips in Spring, in addition to established woodland and explorer specimen trees. With a limited opening duration of 2.00-5.00pm (£3 admission), arrive early to get full enjoyment of the gardens.

Gargunnock House and The Landmark Trust

Gargunnock House, with its Dovecot, sheep grazing on pasture around the block, flower gardens and woodland, is a component of The Landmark Trust of the Uk. The late Georgian façade of 1794 of the main house surrounds a 16th century old tower fundamentally of the home. The late Miss Viola Stirling left Gargunnock House towards the trustees of The Landmark Trust. Local family history shows that Frédéric Chopin visited his pupil Jane Stirling at Gargunnock House in 1848. Jane Stirling's brother Charles Stirling, a Glasgow merchant, having bought Gargunnock House in 1835.

Since 1993 The Landmark Trust did with historic buildings, rescuing and restoring historic properties in danger and offering many for holiday letting. Supported by a volunteer network, The Landmark Trust opens the doors of many historic cottages, mills and country estates for houseparties, receptions and special interest days.

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    The Woodhouse, Kippen, Stirlingshire in Scotland

    Visitors to Gargunnock House on the Wednesday afternoon won’t find refreshments or restrooms available. And so the WoodHouse, a newly opened rural teahouse in Kippen Stirling, is in a position within the locality for light lunchs with seasonal produce or afternoon tea with fabulous Eteaket teas and homemade cake slices.

    The Woodhouse is really a venture from the Lamb family (Fiona and Richard with daughter Catriona) who have lived at Fordhead Farm at Kippen for Fifteen years. Encompassed by nearly planted native Scottish woodland just off the Kippen Station roundabout, the Woodhouse Coffee Shop has championed recycling diseased oak trees felled at the site for external timber cladding of the building and internally for handcrafted tables.

    With 50 covers in the Woodhouse, the central circular part of the building includes a wood burning stove, fine views and free Wi-Fi. Outside by the car park you will find walks through the five acres of woodland and decking for a sunny afternoon in Stirlingshire Scotland. Also boasting a wee local craft and gift shop, The Woodhouse is placed to become a local have to go to place in Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Athar Abbas is an artist who uses natural material

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Athar Abbas is definitely an artist who uses natural materials to create pictures. Not only does he create the pictures, but he also makes their own distinctive frames.

The materials Mr. Abbas uses are just stones, wood and dried herbs. The backgrounds of his work are painted with oils, but paint isn’t his preferred medium. He might use olive stones to decorate smaller items, for example lighter covers, and then they are varnished so they will last. He makes use of twigs along with other items that he picks up as he walks around, and dried herbs are his grass, which gives the images a particular smell too. You are feeling as though you want to touch the paintings, and you can with impunity, so not only do you discover their whereabouts however, you can touch and smell them as well.

Pictures of Places

These are my own favourites from his recent private exhibition locked in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. They’re mainly of remote valley houses in districts of Pakistan where I, like a foreigner, cannot visit because of safety measures. However, I ought to just like to determine the valleys from which Mr. Abbas has taken his inspiration.

He has also created a picture from his imagination which is similar to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, which is featured below.

The “Added Dimensions”

Because there are wood carvings in the pictures they are of two dimensions, with a couple of the minarets in the Taj Mahal picture being of 3d; if you were a miniscule person you could walk around them. The carved buildings, boats and animals which estimate these pictures provide them with an original look and each piece is hand-carved and unique.

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    While other artists such as Jack Angelo and Vassiliki Tambouri use perspective in their art to provide their paintings depth, Athar Abbas uses the carvings to give his pictures perspective and depth.

    Art in Pakistan

    In Pakistan artists struggle to pay the bills on the whole and also have other jobs which they need to survive. Most Pakistanis are disinterested in art, his or her priority is feeding their families. The decorative components of their homes are Arabic writing from the Quran or maybe some works of art which have been picked up in souvenir shops abroad. Obviously there’s a thriving arts scene, but this is in isolated pockets, with artists holding exhibitions in the elite districts of Lahore and Karachi.

    The work from the artist is completely dissimilar to those of other Pakistani artists, and Mr. Abbas explains this by saying that he loves staying close to nature. His dream would be to have a small house in high altitude where he can grow vegetables for his own use to ensure that he doesn’t have to worry about the general find it difficult to survive that is area of the daily lives of a lot of Pakistanis who’re living in poverty.

Pink slime in ground beef is a superb concern amon

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Pink slime in ground beef is a great concern among American beef eaters. The beef trimmings have been in over 20 million American meals served annually.

Pink Slime has become a concern for a lot of US hamburger lovers. Although most recently, pink slime continues to be related to fresh ground beef it seems that the filler can be found in many processed foods containing ground beef. This article will show you who makes pink slime, which foods have the filler added and also the label requirements for these lean beef trimming.

Who Makes Pink Slime?

Pink slime may be the colloquial expression used through the public for any product produced byBeef Product Inc. (BPI) Within the eyes from the public, the boneless lean beef trimmings is certainly not but a horrendous slimy filler put into ground beef. It is made with connective tissue and scraps and injected with ammonium hydroxide to kill harmful bacteria. (1)

BPI considers it a vital ingredient in low fat ground beef or any other food in which lean beef is an essential ingredient. (2)

They produce 7 million pounds of the trimmings each week. (3) That will imply that on the twelve months period, 364 million pounds are produced. Based on the July 2011 census, that’s just over one pound of pink slime for every individual each year. (4)

What Products are the Lean Beef Trimmings utilized in?

I am sure that you do not remember eating one lean beef trimmings within the last year. The question now’s, "Where is it hidden in my food?"

The BPI website boasts that the product is a key ingredient in over 20 million meals served every year and that it may be found in hundreds of consumer and food industry products. (2) These products include: fresh retail ground beef; fresh and frozen hamburger patties; low-fat hot dogs; taco meats; lunch meats; chilli; beef sticks/snacks; sausages, pepperoni, along with other encased meats; retail frozen entrees; meat balls; roast beef; canned foods. (2)

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The relationship between the circumference and the

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The relationship between the circumference and also the diameter of the circle is ubiquitous. Now it even features its own date.

When Archimedes discovered that the circumference associated with a circle is all about three and one-seventh times the diameter by inscribing and circumscribing polygons of growing numbers of sides, he started a mathematical odyssey that continues today. Designated by the Greek letter π, this quantity turns up such disparate natural systems as the double helix of DNA and the ratio between your distance along a river to its straight line length.

Pi Day

We are going to celebrate the date that mathematicians most associate with π (why Archimedes chose this specific letter is a mystery). The day before the Ides of March is known as Pi Day, because the date, 3/14, can be taken like a representation from the numerical value of pi: 3.14 towards the nearest hundredth. And of course the most vociferous cheers will go up at 1:59, which would carry us to five decimal places. Purists will want to refine their celebration by adding 26 seconds, and we’ll leave the extrapolation there. The regularity of occurrence within the first 1 million digits of π implies that six occurs least often and five the most. You will find 811 more fives than sixes.

The Feynman Point

tn position 763, there are six nines consecutively. This is also the very first time that as much as four of the identical number occur consecutively. Interestingly, the next sequence of six identical numbers is also of 9s. The Feynman point is named following the famous physicist, Richard Feynman, who quipped that he want to memorize the first 763 amounts of pi so he could say 999999 and so forth. Feynman probably never actually did this, but others have done it.

Pie-man Sires Pi-man

Looking at π just a little differently, the key date ever could be 3/14/1593. It's likely the date passed without notoriety, but let's take a look at what happened on that date anyway.

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    Jean de La Tour was a baker from a long type of bakers. He certainly didn't intend to be, and in all likelihood didn't know that he was, accountable for the shortening of the family title by a single letter. Georges de La Tour, son of Jean, was a painter of some repute; he was created on the real Pi Day, March 14, 1593, and the transition from pie to pi had occurred. The young La Tour not just eschewed baking for working with oil and canvas, he never even painted a cherry cobbler.

    Other π days

    Perhaps appropriately, Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day, 1879. There isn’t any record of anyone ever recognizing the value of this date in relation to Einstein's mathematical prowess throughout his lifetime.

    Finally, many people believe π offers the solutions to the questions of the universe. But that's just pi in the sky.